Automatic Opening Vents for Smoke Ventilation Control

Automatic opening vents optimise fire safety in complex buildings. Office blocks and apartment buildings are particularly dangerous for inhabitants trying to escape during a fire. Escape routes can quickly become filled with smoke. Automatic opening vents clear the smoke to aid safe escape.

Compact smoke and heat ventilation panel with
integrated switch for manual release.


Extendable control panels allow for an unlimited

number of smoke zones for total building ventilation


Smoke shafts open allowing the smoke to leave the
corridors and residents to safely evacuate.

  All components available for stand-alone systems or interface directly with the buildings fire alarm.  
How Do They Work?
The vents are opened by a mechanical arm or arms when a specific trigger, such as a fire alarm, is activated. As the vents open smoke is drawn out by natural thermal lift, clearing visibility as well as making the air safer to breathe.

Smoke Ventilation Control Options

We tailor our package to your needs:
Stand alone system or integrated with your fire alarm interface
Multi-zone and internal options
Optical smoke alarms, fire bells and alarm sirens
Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation (SHEV) drives
Data transmission across BUS technology
Integration with natural ventilation via automatic window opening
  For added flexibility, natural ventilation
and smoke ventilation can be combined
in a single system.




Our ventilation systems allow safe exit during fires,
help fire brigades gain access and ensure you’re
compliant with building regulations systems on
smoke ventilation.

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