At Dyer, we use advanced technology and our in-depth understanding of fire and smoke behaviour to create smoke ventilation systems that respond instantly and effectively to fire.

Dyer follows a strict policy of providing best practice in the field of life-saving smoke ventilation solutions.

Whether the solution requires Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators (NSHEVs) or Powered SHEVs, Dyer will provide fully certified products and systems.
More information can be found in our Knowledge Centre.

Dyer’s Natural Smoke Venting Solution

For naturally vented smoke venting solutions, Dyer will provide systems that meet all requirements under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) for harmonised European Norms:

Under the legal requirement of the Regulation, we provide the Declaration of Performance (DoP) and apply the CE marking for all of the relevant products and components.

Dyer will follow the Building Regulations 2010 and meet the requirements of Approved Document B: Fire Safety.

How Does it Work?

Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators (NSHEVs) are installed to clear smoke and hot flue gasses in the event of a fire in order to keep escape and emergency routes clear, and/or provide smoke-free space for fire-fighting.

NSHEVs can vent directly through external walls and roofs using windows, louvres and rooflights, or through internal smoke shafts using smoke dampers

The SHEVs can be triggered automatically via smoke detection or fire alarm interfaces, or manually using call points/break glasses.  The SHEVs then open fully within 60 seconds to remove the smoke.

The SHEV’s can be programmed to be reset and closed automatically or manually through the control system.

A typical Dyer staircase system:

  • Control panel with breakglass
  • Fire / smoke alarm
  • Breakglass unit
  • EN certified vents

We tailor each smoke ventilation solution to suit your needs:

  • Stand-alone system or integrated with existing fire alarm interfaces
  • Multi-zone and internal options
  • Optical smoke alarms and heat alarms
  • Data transmission across BUS technology
  • Integration with natural ventilation via automatic window opening



- 5 days ago

@BarbourNews: The L&M Building is the old Linotype and Machinery Building. Once the entrance and offices of the Linotype factory in Altrincham. @DyerEnvironment provided a smoke ventilation system for the Grade II listed factory. Read more: #ventilation #residential
h J R

- 5 days ago

Dyer supplied/commissioned smoke vent controls at 17 Halstow Way, Ashford. We provided 2 CPS-M panels, 8 RT callpoint units & 8 smoke detectors to operate NSHEV roof vents & AOVs, for smoke ventilation to multiple staircases & corridors. Products -
h J R

- 12 days ago

Dyer provided a mechanical smoke ventilation solution at the former Linotype factory within the Morris Homes Egerton Park development, Altrincham. Our systems serve the communal corridors in this Grade II listed building. Details available on our site -
h J R

- 14 days ago

Work in progress at Rowlinson Construction's Bowes Street Developments in Whalley Range. Dyer have been installing NSHEV dome vents ( and mechanical smoke ventilation systems (
h J R

- 24 days ago

We had a great time catching up with fellow @SmokeContAssoc members at yesterday's @FetaNews annual lunch.
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