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Project Description


Belleisle Conservatory – Natural ventilation for a restored B-listed building

Belleisle Conservatory was built in 1879, replaced in 1955 and then closed in 2005 due to its poor structural condition. In 2010 Belleisle Conservatory Ltd was founded by a community group in order to restore the derelict B-listed building. The restored conservatory reopened to the public in 2016.

Dyer Environmental Controls were asked to produce a day-to-day natural ventilation system for the newly restored Belleisle Conservatory. Dyer provided a simple but clever solution, requiring just two high powered rack and pinion drives.

Timber supports are fitted to the existing high level cross beams securing the drive brackets, this enables the two ZA drives to operate the linkage arms, which in-turn operates the windows. The windows span across the entire length of the conservatory roof.

Two WRG weather stations monitor the outdoor conditions, e.g. wind and rain. They provide a close signal whenever rain is detected.

Similarly, two RTR thermostats monitor the indoor conditions. They provide open and close signals to maintain the set temperature within the conservatory.

Two SLT wall mounted key switches are located at either end of the conservatory for manual over-ride.

Dyer’s efficient solution provides maximum control of the day-to-day natural ventilation.




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