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Project Description


Geo Science Labs, Edge Hill University, Natural Ventilation

For the latest in a long-standing history of successful projects by Dyer at Edge Hill University, Dyer were asked to install a system to manage the supply of fresh air within the Geo Science Building at Edge Hill University. The natural ventilation solution was designed to create a healthy learning / working environment.

With this controlled natural ventilation, the indoor climate of the labs can be controlled simply by using natural, freely available energy sources and thermal effects. This method is simple, inexpensive and effective. Opening the windows also creates a particularly healthy and comfortable indoor climate. This replacement of stale air with fresh air increases concentration, making it perfect for Schools and Universities.

Dyer’s thermostatically controlled system provides precise opening and closing of multiple windows to enable steady-state temperature conditions, providing a non-disruptive working atmosphere. When instant purge ventilation is required, the system can be easily overridden through the use of override switches.

Through the clever use of integrating into the window profiles, Dyer’s CDC chain drives are virtually invisible, the only part of the drive that is visible is the chain upon opening. Proven as a class-leader in reduced noise, the innovative D+H acoustic technology means that the windows within the Geo Science Labs make virtually no noise when opening and closing. Another advantage in providing an unobtrusive, non-disruptive learning and working environment.

The CDC-0252-0350-1-ACB chain drive is the most compact design of the CDC series, making it perfectly suited for profile-integrated installation.




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