Project Description


Liden Blocks – Replacement of AOVs with certified louvres

Dyer were asked to supply and install replacement AOV systems for three residential blocks in Liden, Swindon. The blocks, Briarsood Court, Cromer Court and Sheringham Court are managed by Sovereign Housing Association


Dyer’s new ventilation systems involved completely replacing the existing end of corridor windows with bespoke double glazed louvres and adding in a head of stairs AOV.

20 louvres were supplied in total, each providing 1.5m2 geometric free area. The louvres are fitted with internal barriers for compliance with Approved Document K.

A new drive was also fitted on roof door, which opens when any floor is triggered into fire.

The systems are operated by CPS-M smoke ventilation control panels and key switches. The new control panels are fitted with 72 hour battery back up. Interfaced with fire alarm.

Dyer provided efficient, fully certified, replacement smoke ventilation solutions to all three blocks.

Example of application in case of fire:

Smoke detectors are installed on the corridors. When triggered they send a signal to the Dyer CPSM panel.

This will operate the Fieger FLW louvre on the “fire floor” and the AOV at the top of the stairs.

Smoke laden air will ventilate through the open louvre. Clean or “replacement” air can enter the corridor from the staircase.

The system will automatically return to a healthy state when the smoke has cleared.

Smoke clearance allows safe escape for residents and safe access for fire fighters.




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