Project Description


An urban community based around a Grade II listed pub


Local Blackfriars is a gated community in Salford, providing 380 apartments. A unique aspect of the residential scheme is the Grade II listed Black Friar pub merged into the development.


Dyer were asked to supply and install mechanical smoke ventilation systems for the apartment blocks and the underground car parks. Dyer worked closely with Fire Design Solutions and Domis Construction over the course of the project to provide a successful outcome.

Mechanical smoke ventilation

When a floor goes into fire, the dampers in both shafts on the affected floor open. The chain drive on the AOV window on the affected floor opens to provide fresh inlet air. The vent at the head of the stairwell will also open. Both sets of fans work to extract the smoke and poisonous gases.

Day-to-day natural ventilation

On activation of a thermostat on a single floor, both the dampers on the affected floor will open. One set of fans will extract on trickle mode and the other shaft will provide fresh inlet air for the system. The vent at the head of the stair will also partly open.

If the rain sensor is activated this will override and close the roof vent.

If more than one thermostat operates, the dampers on the affected floors will open and be balanced to provide an equal air flow on each floor.

Smoke detection in any zone will override the natural ventilation system and smoke extract will take priority.

Car park ventilation

Dyer provided an eco-park® mechanical ventilation system. Advanced components and control systems allows for efficient energy usage.






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Dyer recently received feedback after replacing a window drive providing natural ventilation within a conservatory. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service in everything we do, from single drive installs to entire systems. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
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Mechanical smoke ventilation is designed to provide mechanical extract of smoke laden air and natural or replacement air inlet. See how Dyer's systems work -
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Dyer's Service & Maintenance team is committed to ensuring the continued reliability of smoke ventilation systems. Contact us on 0161 491 4840 (option 5), or [email protected] See our site for more -
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@BarbourNews: @DyerEnvironment worked with Alucraft Systems Ltd to provide a natural ventilation solution at the Aylesbury Campus – a new secondary campus at St Michael’s Catholic School. Read the full case study here: #Dyer #ventilation #windows
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Providing natural day-to-day ventilation for students and staff: Dyer's latest case study focuses on our work at St. Michael’s Catholic School, where we supplied and installed 94 drives to operate Alucraft window.
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