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Project Description

Rochdale Transport Interchange, Natural Ventilation

When Rochdale Transport Interchange found itself in a position where it needed to overcome an unforeseen and seemingly insurmountable problem of automating large steel framed ETFE pillow vents, they turned to Dyer Environmental Controls for a solution.

The requirement was to provide a day-to-day natural ventilation system to control temperature and air quality in the large open space concourse beneath the ceiling of the transport interchange.

Usually large roof vents like those in the interchange require rack and pinion or spindle drives to provide the power required to safely lift the vents. However on this occasion, these types of drive could not be used as they would have clashed with the supporting steels that had been positioned directly beneath the opening vents.

Dyer were able to solve this problem by providing industry-leading heavy duty twin chain drives. These drives were known to Dyer, but had not ever been used in this capacity. By harnessing the 3000 N force generated these by these CDP Twin chain drives, we were able to fully open the vents through a full 1000mm stroke.

Dyer were also able to reduce wiring costs as the CDP Twin chain drives operate on 230V, allowing direct control from the BMS, negating the usual need for interface panels and reducing the wiring, further simplifying and reducing the cost of the project and completing a unique solution to a difficult problem.

To complete the Rochdale Transport Interchange project, Dyer also provide planned maintenance on the drives, ensuring the longevity and quality of the work completed.




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