• Lobby Smoke Damper LSD The LSD lobby smoke damper has been designed to satisfy smoke vent applications and is particularly suited for fire rated mechanical smoke extraction shafts in multi-storey buildings. The damper has been fire tested to the latest European Fire Damper Test Standard (EN1366-2) and achieved a 2 hour fire resistance performance to ES120.
  • NSHEV DOME VENT F100 The F100 NSHEV dome vent is an ideal solution for smoke ventilation applications. The EN 12101-2 certified vent can be installed for smoke extraction in almost all building types. The GRP upstands are insulated with polyurethane hard foam, and feature a weatherproof sealing system. Opening the vent ensures that staircases are kept free from any smoke. It also allows for roof access when required.
  • NSHEV Glass Louvres FLW Range The FLW smoke vent range has multiple advantages, whether it’s bespoke sizes, glazing specification or thermal performance. These EN 12101-2 certified louvre windows offer numerous economical and aesthetic advantages.
  • NSHEV Roof Louvre (NRL) The NRL is an economical low profile louvre specifically designed for both smoke and heat exhaust and natural ventilation applications. The NRL has been tested to BS EN 12101 – Part 2: 2003: Specification for natural and heat exhaust ventilators. When closed, the vent is weatherproof and tested to BS 5368 Parts 1 & 2.
  • NSHEV Rooflight FSR P1 NSHEV centre pivot roof window certified to EN12101-2. Black exterior with natural timber or white polyurethane interior. The FSR smoke ventilation window is equipped with the chain drive fitted at the base of the window.
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