CDC-0252-5-ACB 230v Range


The 230 V AC CDC-0252-5-ACB chain drive provides a force of 250 N and stroke lengths up to 1200mm. 2 drives can be synchronised on the same vent.

Performance Features

  • Perfectly suited for profile integrated and surface mounted installation with a cross section of only 30 x 35mm
  • Near silent operation
  • Direct control via 230 V AC
  • Universal bracket sets for simple installation to many commonly available profile systems
  • Flexible overall lengths for customised strokes
  • Programmable drive functions through SCS software
  • Integrated ACB (Advanced Communication Bus) bus interface with Modbus protocol
  • Time-controlled reversing when an obstacle is detected in the CLOSED direction (active closing edge protection)

Technical Data

Supply 230 V AC, +10% / -15%, 50 Hz
Performance 33 W / 45 V A
Duty cycle 30 %
Stroke length Up to 1200mm
Pressure force ** 250 N
Tensile force 250 N
Nominal locking force 1500 N
Service life 20000 double strokes
Stroke 350 mm
OPEN running speed * 15 mm/s
OPEN running speed – SHEV * 6.7 mm/s
CLOSED running speed * 5 mm/s
Protection class IP 32
Emission sound pressure level LpA ≤ 35 dB(A)
Temperature range -5 °C … +75 °C
Housing Aluminium
Surface Powder-coated. All RAL colours available
Connection 2.5 m silicone cable

** See pressure load diagram in product information download


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