Lobby Smoke Damper

Lobby Smoke Damper LSD

The LSD lobby smoke damper has been designed to satisfy smoke vent applications and is particularly suited for fire rated mechanical smoke extraction shafts in multi-storey buildings.

The damper has been fire tested to the latest European Fire Damper Test Standard (EN1366-2) and achieved a 2 hour fire resistance performance to ES120.

Performance Features

  • Longevity cycle tested for 100,000 fully open closed operations.
  • 24V ac/dc Belimo BE motor open/motor closed actuator.
  • Actuator is on lobby side, hidden from view behind painted cover plate and can be manually operated if needed.
  • Easy access to actuator by simple removal of cover plate behind grille.
  • Volt Free Monitoring contacts.
  • Can also be used for environmental control.
  • Simple to install.

Technical Data

Frame 1.5mm galvanised steel frame with fully seam welded corners along the entire depth to produce a rigid and air tight construction.
Damper blades Vertical “opposed motion” to enhance air entrainment being ‘pulled’ into in smoke shaft.

0.7mm galvanised double skin airfoil 100mm pitch with interlocking engagement when damper is closed.

Gasket 0.40mm type 301st/stl peripheral gasketing around entire perimeter.
Drive and linkage ‘Out of airstream’ mechanism.
Ambient leakage Conforms to class ES of EN1366-2 / ISO10294-2 (200m3/hr/m2 – 55 l/s/m2).
Fixing Pre-punched damper sleeve fixing holes.
Sizes From 400mm x 400mm up to 1200 x 1500 mm. Available in 100mm increments.

Dampener and Grille Assembly

  • Grille and grille assembly kit supplied with damper.
  • Grille colour RAL9010 white supplied as standard. Other colours available on request.
  • Grille fixing screws colour matched to grille
  • Entire ‘inside’ of damper behind grille is spray painted matt black


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