NSHEV Rooflight

NSHEV Rooflight FSR P1

The centre pivot window has a dark grey exterior with natural or white polyurethane interior. The smoke ventilation window is equipped with a 24v D+H chain drive fitted at the base of the window.

Performance Features

  • EN 12101-2 certified
  • Opening within 60 seconds
  • Multiple sizes and Conservation option available
  • Dual purpose, smoke and natural ventilation

Technical Data

Geometric Free Area 1m² 1.5m²
Certification EN 12101-2 EN 12101-2
Aerodynamic free area (Aa) 0.71m² 1.01m²
Reliability class (Re) 1000 1000
Wind load class (WL) 3000 N/m² 3000 N/m²
Snow load class (SL) 1775 N/m² 1500 N/m²
Resistance to heat B300 (300 °C) B300 (300 °C)
Low ambient temperature rating (T) -15ºc -15ºc
Maximum opening angle 90º 90º
Opening time <60 seconds <60 seconds
Voltage 24v 24v
Current consumption 1.4 amp 1.4 amp
Cable 2.5m silicone 2.5m silicone


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