RCR 11-4 Transmitter


The RCR 11-4 wireless remote control has the same applications as the RCR 11-2, but has four separate function levels for natural ventilation applications.

Performance Features

  • Ventilation operation OPEN / STOP / CLOSED
  • 868 MHz radio frequency
  • High level of security against external control – 32 bit address code and transmitting code change at each button press (hopping code)
  • With 4 functional levels
  • Wall mounted bracket included

Technical Data

Radio frequency 868.3 MHz / FSK
Transmitter range Max. 100 m free field
Transmitting power Approx. 1 mW (e.r.p)
Supply 2 x Lithium CR 2032
Housing ABS, POM
W x H x D 45 x 110 x 15 mm


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