Remote Manual Winding Gear

Remote Manual Winding Gear

Dyer’s manual remote opening systems enable high level windows to be controlled from a single operator.
The chain opens the window via a rotary control handle, containing a steel helical cable. The cable runs within a nylon lined steel conduit. The conduit can be formed and installed on-site.

Performance Features

  • Unobtrusive, reliable openers
  • Adjustable lengths (up to 380mm)
  • Suited for many window types
  • Quick and versatile on-site installation
  • Provide control for individual / multiple openings

Technical Data

Stroke length 250 / 380mm
Fixing plates Aluminium / uPVC options
Connectors and saddles For secure fixing
Conduit 3m lengths
Operator Mini / simple / geared options
All colour matched Grey – RAL 9006, White – RAL 9010, Black – RAL 9005


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