RZN 43xx-E Smoke Control Panel


The RZN 43xx-E is a bespoke NSHEV control panel and commonly found in airports and shopping centres. It has a virtually unlimited number of slots and freely scalable power.

Performance Features

  • Variable modular design for complex position requirements
  • Flexible system design with any combination of line and group plug‑in units
  • Supporting rail system for various functional modules
  • Installation plate with motherboard, module slots, supply slot and rectifier card
  • 10 A drive current per group
  • Integrated comfort functions for natural ventilation
  • Assemblies can be retrofitted in case of building modifications
  • Switchable SHEV safety functions: Fault equal to alarm, SHEV retriggering function and smoke detector remote reset
  • 12 V battery required for up to 72 hour back-up in case of mains failure (not included)

Technical Data

Supply 230 V AC / 50 Hz
Output DC 24 V DC
Mode of operation monitoring Continuous duty
Mode of operation Alarm / Ventilation Short-time duty 30 %
Type of protection IP 54
Temperature range -5 °C … +40 °C
Housing Steel sheet – size as required (light grey)


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