RZN 4404-M Smoke Control Panel


The RZN 4404-M is a 2-line SHEV modular control panel with 4 A stabilised output for small and medium-sized buildings.

Performance Features

  • Stabilised output voltage
  • 2x smoke lines; 2x natural vent groups
  • SHEV retriggering function and smoke detector remote reset
  • Integrated comfort functions for natural ventilation
  • Optional connection to weather and climate sensors without an additional module
  • 2x 12 V batteries required for up to 72 hour back-up in case of mains failure (not included)

Technical Data

Supply 230 V AC / 50 Hz / 120 VA
Stand-by power 6.8 W
Output 24 V DC / 4 A
Ripple < 2 Vss
Mode of operation monitoring Continuous duty
Mode of operation Alarm / Ventilation Short-time duty 30 %
Temperature range -5 °C … +40 °C
No. of smoke lines / natural groups 2 / 2
Housing Plastic with locking steel door (white)
W x H x D 310 x 310 x 100 mm


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