WRZ 230v Control Panel

WRZ Series WRZ

In combination with additional D+H modules, the WRZ wind and rain control panel activates up to 20 natural ventilation groups and takes into account weather data, temperature and manual activation.

Performance Features

  • Compact natural ventilation control panel
  • For activating 230 V AC natural ventilation drives
  • For controlling up to 20 ventilation groups in conjunction with cut‑off relay modules
  • Input for external controller, e.g. timer
  • Central weather monitoring function (central CLOSED) in conjunction with multiple TRL 8
  • LED displays for wind and rain
  • Adjustable switch point of the wind strength (4 or 6 Bft.)
  • Exceeding wind switching threshold and automatic mode ON / OFF
  • Optional connection to rain detectors or wind / rain sensors without an additional module
  • Surface‑mounted plastic housing

Technical Data

Supply 230 V AC / 50 Hz / 30 VA
Stand-by power 2.4 W
Output AC 230 V AC
Switching contact Floating changeover contact
Protection class IP 50
Temperature range -5 °C … +40 °C
Housing Plastic
W x H x D 172 x 151 x 95 mm


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