Planned Preventative & Reactive Maintenance

Smoke ventilation only protects people and their property when in full working order. Keeping your smoke ventilation system in perfect condition is important and will save you money in the long term.

Our planned preventative maintenance packages are tailored to consider each building and its’ occupants. It is essential to ensure all ventilation systems remain reliable and operate correctly. A service agreement will also prolong the life of a system by ensuring that early signs of faults and wear and tear are actioned where necessary.

Dyer is committed to ensuring the continued reliability of smoke ventilation systems and we are more than happy to work to / satisfy compliance in this area.

Rules & Regulations

Specialist equipment requires specialist maintenance. Your fire alarm service agreement often will not include cover for the smoke ventilation system, so we would urge you to check.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that maintenance of smoke ventilation systems is the responsibility of the building operators and owners. The responsible person for the building must ensure that smoke ventilation equipment is maintained to good working order, as well as being fit for
purpose to safeguard the lives of people within the building.

These life-saving systems should be tested regularly to ensure correct operation – smoke control systems should be tested weekly. Under BS7246-8, the maintenance of smoke ventilation systems requires a minimum of an annual service check by suitably qualified and trained engineers. These engineers should also have access to the building’s smoke ventilation strategy.

Fire safety compliance is now the responsibility of building operators and owners. Dyer can help facilitate and record this for you.

Dyer’s Solution

Dyer can provide proof of maintenance of the smoke ventilation system (primarily installed as part of a life safety system) and this must be retained. This may be called upon in the event of a fire for both legal and insurance purposes.

Dyer’s Planned Preventative Maintenance packages can be customised for natural and smoke ventilation systems. Our service levels can be adapted to suit all budgets and requirements. Levels Silver and Bronze are available and detail frequency of visits and what is included.

For more information on how we can help keep your system in full working order then please contact our Service & Maintenance department:

Office phone number: 0161 491 4840, option 5.




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Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators (NSHEVs) clear smoke in the event of a fire to keep escape/emergency routes clear, and provide smoke-free space for fire-fighting. View our range of certified NSHEVs on our site.
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Smoke ventilation only protects people and property when in full working order. It is essential to ensure all ventilation systems remain reliable and operate correctly. Contact us on 0161 491 4840 (option 5) or [email protected]
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Dyer provided natural and mechanical smoke ventilation systems at the impressive Hotel Brooklyn. The Hotel sits opposite Welford Road Stadium, home to Leicester Tigers rugby team.
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@BarbourNews: @DyerEnvironment installed mechanical and natural smoke control systems to assist with means of escape and firefighting operations in emergency fire conditions for Hotel Brooklyn. Find out more here --> #ventilation #firesafety #smokevents
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